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Argentine artist Diego Gravinese-black and white canvas art

Black and white canvas art-Diego Gravinese, an artist from Buenos Aires,Black and White Wall Art is very interesting in his ultra-realistic painting, not because he inherited the tradition of
ultra-realistic painting, but he injected his spirit and artistic ideal into it. His realistic moments convey us magical feelings.
The artist was born in la plata, Argentina, in 1971.
In the past 15 years, as the representative of the best hyperrealism painters in Argentina,Oversized Canvas Art his works have held individual exhibitions in New York, Paris, Buenos Aires, Chicago and Los Angeles.Original Contemporary Art

Swiss artist victorine mu ̈ ller combines the disciplines, sculpture, painting, and the performance of voice in Bern, Switzerland exhibition titled “my heart wild” exhibition, her current PVC squid works entitled “the balloon

Mill’s work can be thought of as an integration with her audience — an immersive experience.
Each work features the artist himself in a seemingly weightless PVC structure, often depicting humans and animals.
She shows us a space of spiritual or emotional energy, of animistic energy.
Every piece of space is abstract and invisible.Another sculpture shows a completely different state — sleeping, even dying — “the elephant in a quiet, dark space, motionless, awe-inspiring, but also arouses our sympathy.”
Mill communicates with her audience through a unique philosophical and metaphorical power, symbolism being the essence of her art.

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