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How to Coordinate Decoration Painting with Hotel Decoration

1.Decorative composition

Black and White Canvas Art

To a great extent, the composition of a decorative painting is a crucial determinant, which is the skeleton of the decorative Abstract Painting Online Custom. The composition method of decorative painting can not only use scatter point perspective and focus perspective, but also use the combination of scatter point perspective and focus perspective. Its composition can be symmetrical, stationary, balanced and full, golden section, pyramid and wave dynamic. Pay attention to the fullness of the picture, and pay attention to the form, order, interest and capacity of the picture. Therefore, the composition of decorative Oversized Abstract Art is rich, free, vivid, intuitive, no time and space constraints, surreal and idealized plane visual art.

2.The Use of Decorative Colors

Color is one of the important factors in decorative painting. Decorative color is the expression of freely using color on the basis of sketch color. It does not depend on the color relationship between light source and natural object, but strengthens personal feelings and highlights the performance of picture effect. Decorative color emphasizes color tone and picture atmosphere, which can be expressed according to subjective feelings. It is not limited by the inherent color of the objective object. The key is to make full use of the contrast between colors. Only by using colors reasonably can we produce the most beautiful picture effect. Decorative color is flat, unified, distinct, symbolic, intuitive, emotional, rich in connotation to make people associate, rational, free, only in the creation of continuous efforts, diligent thinking, bold use of color, will enter the colorful art world of decorative painting.

3.Creativity of texture

The texture of decorative Big Contemporary Wall Art is an artistic form language created subjectively in the picture. It is a visual element existing in the points, lines and faces of the painting and has relatively independent aesthetic effect. The texture of Big Black and White Wall Art is expressed by the use of materials. Different painting materials will produce different texture effects in the painter’s creation. Texture itself has the temptation of visual aesthetics. The purpose of making texture effect is to enrich the visual effect of painting and enhance the visual expression. However, it is not advisable to blindly pursue the texture effect of the picture and abuse the messy material to express the texture.

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